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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Letter to Family 4/25/11

Hey Family!

I am doing great! This first week has been really busy. Elder Dressman is great and has helped me out so much. I’m really grateful for him. Portuguese is tough right now. I don’t understand much but can get my point across, like you said it will come. I know it will. I just have to be patient and not let it get me down. So yeah we had a busy week. The busiest day was on Friday. We had an open house at the chapel and I stood outside the chapel for 6 hours contacting people and seeing if they want to take a tour of the church or hear a message later. I must have contacted more than 40 people.  It was awesome! Some accepted but most just said no or just kept walking…but really a good experience. I got a sunburn too but that’s ok. It had to happen. Our ward is amazing! I have never heard of or seen a ward that is so involved in missionary work. Absolutely incredible. I was contacting people with a 14 year old who wanted to help bring people into the church. He helped me know what people were saying too. So many people helped. They are a good example for what other wards should be like.  I don’t eat much for breakfast… maybe an apple and a piece of bread but for lunch we eat a lot with members and they feed us tons of food and then we don’t eat a lot for dinner. I’m going to buy a lot more food today to snack on. Usually we eat rice and beans with some chicken saucy thing or some other meat and salad. Not bad. Haven’t had anything weird yet. Really good dessert too. On Saturday we had a really good day. In the morning we planned for the next week. We set a goal for two people marked for baptism for that week. We prayed that God would put someone in our way that was ready to hear and accept the gospel. Well, near the end of the day as we were walking down the street we went to this house and this 17 year old invited us in to hear a message…. weird. Doesn’t happen often but she had gone to the open house and liked it and had a Book of Mormon. We taught the first lesson  and at the end we invited her to be baptized on the 21st of May. She accepted without hesitation. That never happens! Everybody knows that but I knew that our prayer had been answered. God put someone that was ready to hear the gospel in our path. I almost started crying during the lesson as I thought about that. It’s just another testimony builder for me of how God does answer our prayers when we work for it. And we definitely worked for it. We are going to continue working with her to help her understand the importance of this decision. I’m so grateful that God hears and answers my prayers. Church was good. Didn’t understand much but it was good. Love the ward. That’s great that Tyler is getting that done (referring to submitting his mission application). Let me know where he is going. oh I love that service project. Scones! I miss those! (Referring to our ward service project at Lake Wilderness Elementary school on Saturday…Tamara and I made scones for about 60 ward members) Oh man tell Dad I’m sorry about his back. Hope he feels better. I’m glad you guys had a good day with the family though. This week has been great. Saw my first cockroach in the apartment. woohoo! haha but that’s cool. I work out every day. Pushups and sit ups and other things. We’re going to start running too. We do our study in the morning until 11 and then we are out teaching and contacting until 9. Lots of walking but it’s great. I love it here!. I love you mom! I miss you all and thank you for the email and your love. You are the best. Love you.

Elder Summerhays

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