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Friday, May 13, 2011

Email to Mom May 2, 2011

Hi Mom!
I'm doing great! Yeah it's been really cool working with the people here. Yes Danyely is listening to the lessons. We talked to her again and she said she read some of the Book of Mormon and she said she prayed and felt that it was true. So cool! We are going to keep working with her. She had college classes on Sunday's so she hasn't gone to church yet but that class ended yesterday so we are going to get her to church this week. Please pray for us and for her. We have been contacting those people that came and we have gotten some people to listen to lessons but we are still working with them. It's really good though. Elder Dressman is awesome! He helps me out a lot. I am eating a lot. I really hope I don't gain weight. I still like the rice and beans. I have only had one thing that i don't like. Some fruit dessert thing. I almost threw it up. haha So bad but i ate it anyway. Good times. My shoes are fine. A little dirty. No blisters. My knee has been bothering me a little bit but nothing huge. I'm looking after it and if it gets worse ill get it checked out. I can't wait for the package! I'll look at it. Oh and if you could talk to Josie about the package she sent. I think she said she sent one. If she sent it to the mtc I probably won't get it because they won't send it forward. Ok, so kind of a bummer I don't think that I can do a web cam. We are going to call from the chapel. Where we live middle class is like our lower class. It's pretty humble here. Garbage everywhere and the river is absolutely disgusting! But I still love it. haha weird. Thats sounds like it was really cool! (Referring to Time out for Women) John Bytheway is awesome! And I love that song! (Come Thou Fount) I have it in portuguese too. Sweet! So I have to write to the president right now but I will write more about my experiences in dads email. I love you so much. You are the best mom in the world. And the food is good but I really miss your cooking. haha I love you mom... miss you. Talk to you on Sunday! Bye!


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