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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Email to Dad 4/18/11

Hey Dad!
I am out in the field right now and it is awesome! My only issue is the language haha but that makes sense. It will come I know I just want it to be now.   We taught a guy named Eduardo yesterday and I taught about church and the sacrament and other things but after I spoke I did not understand what he said about what I said. But that teaching experience was awesome. He had already had gone to church and said that he loved it. It was so cool to see how excited he was about it. We are teaching him again on Thursday so I will let you know about it on Monday which is my pday. They let me write today because I missed pday. Lets see our place is interesting haha it is small and dirty but not too bad. I went and bought groceries today which was cool. We have gone street tracting and I talked to someone and he agreed to listen to a lesson. My companion is Elder Dressman. he is cool and has been out here for almost 2 years. He has 3 months left.  He is great and has been helping me out a lot. Elder Horne is in my district! So cool! Now I don’t feel alone when I don’t understand something. Lets see what else... there are hundreds of dogs everywhere, they sleep wherever they are and you see them on every street. I rode the bus for my first time. Lets see… the mission president is cool but he is leaving in 3 months. They made us really good food at the mission home. I  do not know what else to say for now…. just write me next week with more questions that you have. That’s cool that it’s snowing again. poor mom (referring to my comment that mom is tired of the cold weather). haha  McKenna is so beautiful! (referring to the prom pictures we sent him.)  I hope that she had fun.  I  love you guys and hope you are happy. Write me back next week. love you!
Elder Summerhays

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