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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011 - Pday and New Comp/New Area

Hey dad!
All is going well here. Ok you are not even going to believe where I’m at right now. Dude! Ok so I’m in Iguape! That has no significance for you but basically this is the interior of our mission. We are 4hours away from the mission home by bus and there is so much forest and awesomeness here. A part of this area is an island called Isla. Just look this place up on Google and you will find it. I will describe this place as a mix of Santa Barbara, the property and Seaside Oregon. I love it here. Missionaries always say that they don’t like this place because it’s hard to work here. I got here and I said to myself’, ‘are you kidding me!!?´ I love it here. Nobody is running around and I won’t almost die in the street because of crazy drivers. It’s so beautiful here. There is a mountain here that reminds me of Mt. Si. We stopped at a rest stop on the way here and I saw some of the most beautiful birds ever! So many different colors! Crazy! I wanted to take pictures. There are some waterfalls in the forest here that tourists go to and there is a guide in our ward that will take us there. We are on the ocean! Yeah! There is a huge river that we get to cross almost every day to go to another part of our area. Our area is huge! Missionaries don’t like to work here because there aren’t very many people or because you feel lonely. But are you kidding! This place is great. Sure it may be a little hard to find people in the streets to do contacts but whatever! We have a branch here and they depend a lot on the missionaries. I gave a talk yesterday about the spirit. It went fine. Really this place has the potential to be a stake because there are so many inactive members. Over 400. Wow!! We are going to have training with the presidency and talk about home and visiting teaching. But it’s awesome here. I’ll take pictures and send them someday. On Saturday we had two baptisms. woohoo! good stuff. we have some others that are marked for baptism that we are working with. I’m so excited to be here. Ok, now my companion…his name is Elder V. Santos. He is awesome. He is from the Bahia. He has 18 months on the mission. I think the name or our Branch is Iguape. My companion is so stinking intelligent! When he talks I feel like a child and I don’t know anything. But it’s really cool! I’m learning a lot from him. He always asks questions. He is our district leader and I’m really excited to work with him. He doesn’t have the sense of humor I have so I’m still working with him but he’s awesome and we are having fun. I think Iguape is an old fishing town. Anyway…I’m glad you and mom have some time to get away. You guys deserve it. I hope that you guys are having a great time. Man it sounds like Harry Potter was awesome! my dad went to a midnight showing!? ha-ha. Man those shirts do look awesome! She is so talented. Has she told you about the ideas that I gave to her to paint? (pictures of missionaries) Dad I’m learning so much in my studies. But I can do better. I see Elder V Santos and I need to do better. ha-ha. I started reading Jesus, The Christ. Crazy stuff. I love it! I’ll have to write you later about something I learned. I don’t really have time to talk about it right now but I love the scriptures! I just finished Alma and will start Helaman. Moroni is the man! Thanks for everything dad. I’ll get there. Just work hard. That’s what I’m here to do. I can’t make excuses for myself and not do my best. The language will come but all I can do is my best right now. Thanks dad! I love you very much and I hope you and mom are having a great time. Have you guys gotten the pictures yet? Love you!

Elder Taylor Vincent Summerhays