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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Letter home to Mom (4/13/11)

Today has been really good so far. We went to the temple which is good as usual. This week has been good. We had an area seventy speak to us yesterday and he talked about faith which I really liked. I am so excited to be going out. I may have met my trainer at the temple but I’m not sure. I leave on the 19th for the feild so that’s my last day in the CTM. The Portuguese is coming along still. I really enjoy talking in Portuguese. So we have districts here and I was made a District President so basically I just lead discussions get mail and other stuff. It’s really nothing and kind of boring. I help make goals for us and we start class and help during sacrament meeting. Save that slide show forever! (Taylor is referring to a Taylor and Mom memories slide show we put together before he left and Tamara had mentioned that we watched it last night and it brought tears to her eyes again.) We will add onto it and it will be amazing forever. I love you so much. Ok so I got those shakes and they were so good! (Referring to the chocolate shakes we bought for Taylor and his companion which they picked up on Pday at Mr. Cheney’s cookies directly across from the CTM) amazing. Elder Burkett says he loves you guys. haha. That’s cool. I’m glad that you guys have been able to spend time with Clement’s… tell them I say hi and that I love them. there are so many people here from Washington that you wouldnt even believe it. good stuff. what mission? (Referring to Elder Hogg’s mission call to Brazil) and what mission is Eric Stapely in? um let’s see…I don’t know if I need anything in my package. Maybe some more pictures of family and camping trips. Maybe some candy, peanut butter, and anything else you want to send. I don’t really have any needs right now. Thank you so much! Let’s see…so I taught a lesson yesterday to my teacher who was a fake investigator obviously but I felt it went really well. I felt the sprit as I told him about faith and recieving answers to prayers and then having him accept baptism. I have never felt the spirit that well in a fake lesson. Maybe this time it was because it meant more to me. Not sure but it was still good. The bad part was that I spoke too much and my companion didn’t say as much. I need to work on that. Let’s see…I learned about listening the other day. There was an elder in our district who speaks slower than some, so what people usually do is not listen and say... “uh huh”, and wait for him to be done. But my teacher always pays attention to him. So I tried it and actually wanted to know what he was saying and it felt so good. I felt the spirit as he bore his testimony even if the way he spoke was slow and a little dull. Great experience. I dont have much else. I love you all. I will probably email you guys on monday or tuesday next week right before I leave. You guys are the best I miss you and love you! bye! 

Elder Summerhays

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