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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Email From the MTC

Hey cam!
Its going great! i love it here! The spirit is everywhere! haha but seriously its a great place. Brother williams is awesome! and it is the one that you are talking about! he went to goiania and he remembers you! ill give him your number! he is a great teacher and i feel the spirit a lot around him. he has helped me with some things as well. hes awesome!  oh i love the planner! i have a shedule to my life! haha dude the weeks have passed so crazily fast. yesterday was monday and tomorrow is sunday! haha if that makes sense. its going by quick. i really want to get to brazil! i love you man. you are a great brother. we will get to do a ton of things when i get back. Thank you for your testimony. i understood most of it but a couple things i will ask about. here is my testimony.

Eu sei que Jesus Cristo e meu Salvador e Redentor. Eu Sei gue atraves a Expiacao de Jesus Cristo nos podemos ser libertado do pecado. Eu sei que Joseph Smith foi um profeta. Eu testifico que O Livro De Mormon e verdadeiro. Eu sei que Deus tem amor para todos Seus filhos. Eu amo este trabalho. Sou grato por voce e sua exemplo em minha vida.
Em nome de Jesus Cristo amem.

Thank you for writing me cam! write me more and ask me more questions! i need to be better at remembering stuff to tell you and the family. there is just so much stuff going on! haha

Love you bro!

Elder summerhays

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  1. This is awesome Cameron. His testimony is so good, as much of it as I can get. Can't wait for Scott to get out there with him.