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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 16 P-day Emails

Hi Dad!
This week has been good! I’m glad that your back is feeling better! Oh the garage... haha (referring to the fact that I cleaned it up from our last camping trip, enough to get the van in ) I love it. You know what’s weird? i miss cutting the lawn. I miss the smell. So it’s been raining huh? It’s been raining a little bit here, right now it’s “cold” (haha) which is like normal temperature at home.
Man if you were getting hot at 62 degrees I don’t know how you would handle it here. It’s almost over that every day. But that’s cool that you guys had a picnic. How’s McKenna doing? I hope she’s well and happy. I’m glad she had fun at Cherises’ reception. Yeah I heard about his party. (Referring to Evan Mans’s bday party where is suddenly started raining hard) good stuff! I like rain. Oh and don’t worry about me leaving my companion. We have been talked to about this before and we know who to watch out for. Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep looking out for it. Let’s see what else? I told mom stuff already. I guess I’m trying to keep a good attitude about the language. I hate being treated like a child. I’m just the little missionary who doesn’t understand at times. I don’t know. Just a little annoying. But everyone has to go through it. I’ll learn quickly. This week has been good. I feel like I have gotten better already. This week we have a new missionary training so I’ll have to tell you about that. Elder Horne and I had a division together again. But this time we were all by ourselves. woohoo! scary but awesome! i Liked it a lot. I learn a lot more when I am on my own and try stuff. It was cool. We taught some lessons to some less active members. It went well. Fun stuff. So do you know that I have no time on the mission? I haven’t written in my journal forever! I have stuff I need to write about too. But I will get to it. Well that’s it for me. Have a good week! Love you. Thanks for everything. Thanks for your example.

Hey Mom!
Yeah this week has been great! Our investigators are good but we were kind of bummed this week. Jane didn’t make it to church this Sunday so she can’t get baptized this Saturday but she will get there. Then Danyely moved, so she will be getting the lessons from other elders. But that is still good! We have marked at least 5 others for baptism. It will be good. I got my Package!!! Thank you so much! That was great. I am trying to not eat stuff too fast. Haha It’s hard. But it’s awesome and thanks for the pictures and notes…that was great. I loved hearing from you too. Sorry about the phone connection. Next time it will be better. Yeah it may have sounded good but it was just basic stuff. (referring to Tamara’s comment about house his Portuguese sounded when he spoke with Cameron) but thanks. That was fun. But this week I have felt a little better with the language. I still feel like I’m treated like a child from people because I don’t understand very well… but I’ll just have to live with it. It’s ok. I already asked him if he knew Annie and he said he didn’t. (Referring to Tamara’s question about whether or not Elder Dressman know the Nelson family from the Alpine area…they live in the same general area.) bummer! Haha Yeah for Jessica! (Had her baby) haha that’s crazy! Tell her I said congrats. haha Preston’s not that old is he? Tell Evan congrats as well (Birthday) and that I love everyone! I did hear about your talk! I hope it went well! I love you! ok just one story that happened this week. so we were doing contacts from house to house and I did a contact with a guy who went off on us like he knew everything about our religion. I didn’t understand everything but I understood enough that he was saying that we worshiped Joseph Smith and that Christ wasn’t important to us. It was hard for me to stand there and take that and not be able to say anything because he wouldn’t let us. I was upset. I wanted to tell him as best I could that I would love to tell him that Jesus Christ is central in our lives and that you can’t tell me about my religion when I have been sent here to tell you about it. I learned about how it is hard to love when you are angry with someone or when someone doesn’t want to listen to you. But I know that I need to. I’m going to work on loving everyone even when they don’t want to listen and then help them as best I can. That’s all I have this week. Thank you so much for the package! It may have been a little big but no big deal. You could probably send the same size next time. No one said anything about it. I’m going to send pics home this week. I love you soo much! Have a good week! Love you.

Elder Taylor Summerhays

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