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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Robbed! 6/13 E-Mail

Ok dad so I have a story for you. So we were walking down the street one day last week and we stopped to look at the map. Then someone came up to us and started talking to us and he was mad. I didn't understand at first what what happening but after a minute I realized we were being robbed. He was saying that we were investigators and were suspicious and asked if we had a cellphone. So elder Mota gave our phone to him. He said he was going to call someone to see if we were actually missionaries. He said he is going to keep it to find out who we are. yeah... right. Come on! Lamest robber in the world. He knew we were missionaries. What a lame way to rob someone. He could of at least had a gun or something so I would have a better story to tell you. haha But I'm glad we were safe. But now we don't have a cellphone to call our investigators. Lame. Hey,so I don't know if you want to tell mom that story. You decide if she will worry too much. I enjoyed/hated it. My first robbing. No more cellphone. But this week was good anyway. We had a storm where we got soaked. Robbed. Marked people for baptism. Had a good investigator in church. Good stuff. I'm really enjoying my personal study right now. read Alma 8. It talks about Alma when the people of Ammonihah rejected him. The verse about praying fervently and then when the angel appears to him to be of good chear. I put above the verse with the angel a note that says PMA. Hey dad... when you were on your mission and were still learning the language and didn't understand. in the lessons - what did you do? How did you talk with them? I can teach the gospel but not a lot with reagular life stuff. Just wondering

Thanks for writing me... thanks for the advice. I'll write more to it next week. running out of time. Just sometimes I feel like i don't have a purpose because people don't understand me and my companion repeats what I say. I don't know. I know I have a purpose...I just want to help more and I need to have patience. I just want to do it now.


Hi mom!
Dont worry about it! I'm so glad you had fun in cali! This week was good. Transfers was good. I was sad to leave Elder Dressman but that's ok. He is great. My new companions name is Elder Mota. He is Brazilian. He is from Bahia. Feria De Santana. It's above Rio. But he says he wants to live in Washington. haha. I am in the zone of Embu. Not far from Campo Limpo. It's cool here. We have a small jungle reserve here that I love looking at. I miss trees. The address is still the one at the mission home. That's how we get our letters. Portuguese is coming along slowly but surley. I'm understanding more but I'm having fun with it. oh I forgot. We are opening a new area. We don't have anyone to teach and are walking everywhere to find them. Lots of hills. It's awesome! I was built for this. If I didn't like hiking I think I would get bored. But it's cool.

I'm so glad that California was fun. I miss the fam. wow thats a lot of people. haha I love our family. Santa barbara! good stuff. Grandpa. I'm going to write him today. I'm glad that you got to spend time with him. I'll thank him today. Good for Bryce. he is so smart. Tell him I love him. Flaming geyser. I love that place. I'm glad you guys had fun in the sun. Guess what? It's cold here. weird. It's sunny but cold. I didn't think that would happen. I'm glad you enjoyed the card (Mother's Day). Thank you for writing me mom. I love you so much. Please have people pray for me and for this area. We need it. We do have a baptism on the 18th of June so were excited for that. Oh, and our house is huge and has 4 elders living there. The others are really messy. oh well. I love you mom. Have a good week.

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